Conoa Appointed Rancher Platinum Partner

Rancher Labs, creators of one the world’s most widely used Kubernetes management platform, has awarded Rancher Platinum Partner status to Conoa. The Stockholm-based Cloud Native, Kubernetes and Container Technology expert is the first and only Rancher Platinum Partner in the Nordics.

Conoa has worked with container technology and its rapidly growing eco-system since 2015. During these years Conoa have refined a methodology and gained unsurpassed experience in how to approach IT modernization projects, including technologies such as containerization, Cloud Native and Kubernetes.

Conoa has experience from major container projects within banking, insurance, telecom, sports betting, retail, and industry. Conoa typically develops and supports clients by running workshops, training, hands-on consulting services, as well as selling solutions and support.

Growing interest for Kubernetes and Rancher

As container technologies have rapidly grown and matured, the adoption and usage in enterprise production environments is growing fast. With Kubernetes followed an ever-growing eco-system of complimentary tools and solutions to ensure a complete, secure and always available platform.

Kubernetes allows you to deploy cloud-native applications anywhere and manage them exactly as you like everywhere. The challenge with Kubernetes is the complexity, and as it´s a relatively new technology there are skill gaps to fill.

Kubernetes management platforms such as Rancher, simplifies the use of Kubernetes and remove some of the challenges. Rancher is one of the fastest growing platforms and is being evaluated by more or less every company today. More recently there has been an increased interest in K3S, which is a lightweight Kubernetes distribution used for IoT & Edge computing.

Conoa and Rancher Labs

“At Conoa we are big fans of open source. The fact that the Rancher open source version is exactly the same product as the supported version, let our enterprise customers take small steps into the world of containers and Kubernetes. And when they need it, they can add support from Rancher Labs as the platform evolves”, says Kenneth Albinsson Co-founder and CTO at Conoa.

Today Conoa and Rancher Labs have a number of projects running in Sweden, and this is growing in the coming months. As a Rancher Platinum Partner, Conoa has direct access to Rancher Labs engineers, giving customers the benefits of added efficiency and speed in their implementation processes.

Peter Dalziel, EMEA Director of Partners & Alliances at Rancher Labs: “Conoa is something of a model partner for Rancher – their philosophy of being at the forefront of container technologies means they were one of the first to understand the value that Rancher brings to market. The combination of our technology and the highly impressive skill sets across the full stack within Conoa means that customers can benefit from the agility, cost effectiveness and a reduced time to market that containers enable.”

About Rancher Platinum Partner Status

Platinum is Rancher’s highest tier of Consulting, Managed Service Provider, and Reseller partners. Platinum Partners such as Conoa have a deep bench of Kubernetes expertise, and have completed a rigorous training and certification program on Rancher. Learn more about Conoa’s partnership with Rancher Labs [Info in Swedish].

About Conoa

Conoa helps businesses build cloud native, container and Kubernetes infrastructure to enable modernisation while supporting DevOps teams to onboard their applications into the new platform. As both a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) and Kubernetes Training Partner (KTP), our experts bring organisations from zero knowledge to production-ready environments quickly, while also supporting their use of technologies like Rancher. For more information, visit and follow Conoa on LinkedIn.

About Rancher Labs

Rancher Labs delivers open source software that enables organizations to deploy and manage Kubernetes at scale, on any infrastructure across the data center, cloud, branch offices, and the network edge. With 37,000 active users and greater than 100 million downloads, their flagship product, Rancher, is the industry’s most widely adopted Kubernetes management platform. For additional information, visit and follow @Rancher_Labs on Twitter.

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