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We make Cloud Native, Kubernetes and container work in your business

Conoa helps companies to modernise their IT, focusing on Kubernetes, cloud native, container technology, hybrid cloud, IaC, CI/CD, automation and DevOps.

Consulting. Training. Products.

Conoa equips businesses for continued success through collaboration on IT modernisation and training

Conoa helps companies build the cloud native, container and Kubernetes infrastructure required to enable modernisation to take place. At the same time, DevOps teams receive support in order to include their applications in the new platform.

As both a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) and a Kubernetes Training Partner (KTP), we quickly take organisations from a position of no knowledge or a low level of knowledge to production-ready environments.

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Consulting Services

Senior consultants in Kubernetes, cloud native, containers, Enterprise Open Source, Linux, hybrid cloud, IaC, CI/CD, automation and DevOps.


Through our carefully-selected partnerships, we help the customer with the leading products, tools and solutions required in modern IT.


Skills development is the key to continued success. Conoa provides courses, training and workshops in k8s, cloud native and containers.

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A growth company focusing on technology

We started Conoa in 2012 with a strong conviction that Open Source-based solutions were the way forward.

Our goal was to build a strong technology-focused company with a corporate culture that promoted skills development in order to be constantly relevant and to help companies to adopt new IT environments.

Now, for the fifth year in a row, we have received the DI Gazelle company award and we have also been included in the Veckans Affärer list of Swedish Super Companies.

We have the privilege of having around 30 of Sweden’s leading specialists in Kubernetes, cloud native and container technology as employees and we help some of Sweden’s largest companies to implement modern cloud native infrastructure.

We also help our customers with:

  • Transformation towards Micro Services and implementation of Kubernetes and container platforms.
  • Development and automation of traditional Linux and Unix environments.
  • Creation of automated flows for CI/CD.
  • Implementation of the technical platform for DevOps, enabling them to build, test and deploy frequently, quickly and reliably.
  • Cloud native infrastructure with public and private clouds.
  • Infrastructure for AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and HPC.
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Thomas Ljungfeldt, CEO & co-founder

Strategic partnerships

Our close strategic partnerships with leading suppliers of software and hardware enable us to constantly keep up to date and ensure that we are working with the latest solutions and products.

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